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A Newsworthy Event

Updated: Jun 7

Leading up to World MS Day, I reached out to several local and internet news services, providing them with a concise overview of Betsy's event and its purpose, to gauge their interest in covering the story. Given her primary objective of challenging stereotypes surrounding Multiple Sclerosis and encouraging individuals with MS to engage in become or stay active, it is crucial to disseminate this message widely. While we have approached news outlets before, we were particularly encouraged by the positive responses received this time One response came from the AZ Daily Sun:

Good morning,

I'm a reporter with the Daily Sun and was wondering if you'd be available to help with me with an article.

I saw the tip you sent in about your wife running to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and thought it could make a good story. Would the two of you have time for an interview in the next week or so?



Health and Education Reporter

Arizona Daily Sun.

This led to a prompt response on our part which was followed by Abigail and a photographer coming by the house for an interview!! The result of which was just published!!

Betsy continues to work hard in her training. She had a particularly challenging 4 hour run the other day. Despite it being unseasonably and unexpectedly hot she pushed through and completed the run, even though she did not have enough fluids for the last forty minutes! When asked why she pushed through instead of altering the run or just quitting early her response to me was "the run was something that was hard but I knew it would eventually end, unlike my MS which challenges me every day". That served as a good reminder to me that there is a lot she goes through that she does not share. This also served as a good reminder of the variable presentation of MS and the fact that a lot of the symptoms are not readily apparent to others. It also prompted me to pause with empathy for those who may be silently suffering from other chronic illnesses as they take on struggles of everyday life.

Running toll from last week was around 48 miles.

Until next time....

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