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That is a lot of shoes

Updated: Jun 24

10-14 pair. This is a ballpark figure for how many pairs of shoes Betsy will likely go through on her run. This is based on 300 miles per pair of shoes and the route being roughly 3,200 miles. The simplicity that is involved in figuring out the number of shoes needed is refreshing compared to other daily necessities. Socks, for example, will they be changed a few times per day? What about inclement weather? What about shorts or running shirts? These have been intriguing questions to ponder but they lose their appeal quite quickly when you are faced with the need for a reasonable answer. In the end, this week was full of educated wild guesses to help determine the sort of finances that will be required for this adventure.

The cost of such an adventure relies heavily on the level of support. There are those that cross self-supported which means they don't travel with a crew or a van and often tow what they need along with them using a baby stroller or the like. Rickey Gates self crewed his trans-american run ( He has a remarkable documentary about his adventure on youtube:

Betsy's run will be a supported run, meaning that we are planning on using some sort of RV (likely renting) as a home base for sleeping. We will have one other support car or van (also likely a rental) that will be stopped ahead of Betsy and provide her a station to run to in order to supply her with nutrition and hydration as well as other things she might need during her run. She will come in contact with the support vehicle probably every 5 miles along her run. This will turn a really long run into 640 much shorter runs :).

The working plan is for 30-40 miles per day, sticking to a 3200 mile route would take about 71-106 days. That is not accounting for rest days or setbacks...

Betsy continues to work hard on training. This week she accumulated 50 miles this week which was split between 2-2.5 hour runs and shorter interval work.

Until next week.....

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Looks about right to me. ;-) #transcon #giterdone


It's amazing watching your plan come to fruition! I have always believed in you and am looking forward to your continuing journey ❤️

Replying to

Thank you! Love you sista!

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