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Mentos: The Unlikely Running Fuel

This past week, we headed back to Wisconsin for vacation. It was wonderful to reconnect with friends and family in person. Watching Betsy share more details of her journey during conversations was great; her excitement was palpable as she delved into the personal "why's" and "hows" of her adventure—topics that are hard to fully express in a blog. She was, and continues to be, very appreciative of the overwhelming support.

We also brought along business cards with her website address and a QR code linking to the site. Unsure of how to distribute them, Betsy had the clever idea of leaving them in the billfold at restaurants alongside a generous tip. We're not entirely sure what message that sent, but hopefully, it will lead to more good-natured interest and support 😏.

Betsy, of course, kept up with her running during the vacation. While she didn't have any long runs, her short runs extended to 2 hours, meaning she ran for 2 hours almost every day. She reacquainted herself with running in the humidity and enjoyed the occasional refreshing rain shower. Without her usual nutrition for longer runs, she improvised by snacking on Mentos—specifically the assorted fruit flavor, not the mint. This seemed to do the trick, allowing her to complete her runs without feeling completely drained. Additionally, she enjoyed running at a slightly faster pace with the same perceived exertion, one of the benefits of living and training at high altitude.

We also participated in "Family Olympics" which I only bring up because one of the events this year was Tug of war and it was spectacular!! The teams were tied at one win each going into the third match when the white team (on the right) decided to take the loss in exchange for seeing the blue team get doused. You can check out the video below (Betsy is the second person from the center, on the doused team, pink shorts and grey top). Special thanks to my Mom for catching it on video.

Betsy ran 63 miles this past week.

Until next time....

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